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What Happens If You Don’t Get Your Wheels Aligned?

We frequently hear about wheel alignment and how important it is to have the vehicle's wheels properly aligned.

But what if you don't pay attention to this and your vehicle's wheels aren't aligned? This article delves into the particulars of the subject.

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Before we dive further, here is a quick reminder of what wheel alignment is.

Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the three highly important angles linked to your car’s wheels which are:

  • Camber;

  • Caster;

  • Toe.

While the explanation of each of these is beyond the scope of this topic, it is vital to know that even minor changes in these angles drastically affect your car’s performance.

That’s because they determine how your car corners or drives in a straight line.

What Happens When The Wheels Are Not Properly Aligned?

So what happens if you don’t get your car’s wheels aligned? Well, with time and use of the car, the above mentioned three angles associated with the vehicles undergo some changes.

Thus, if the vehicle's wheel are not properly aligned, it will begin to pull to one side.

Which side will it pull towards? Well, it depends on how the angle of the wheel has changed and which wheel it is.

How Is The Driver Affected By This?

This causes inconvenience for the driver because he must constantly move the steering wheel in the opposite direction to keep the vehicle moving in a straight line.

While this can be done for a short period and a relatively small distance, you can imagine how nagging this would be on a long trip where the vehicle has to be driven for hundreds of miles and that too at high speeds.

It is also worth noting that a car with such poor wheel alignment is prone to accidents because a minor change in the vehicle's angle can quickly lead to an unfavourable situation at high speeds.

What Effect Does It Have On Wheels?

Due to improper alignment, the wearing off of each tire is different from the others. This adversely affects tire health in the long run.

Besides this, the vehicle’s brakes, the suspension as well as the steering-wheel related problems will arise which will necessitate costly repairs.

What Causes The Disturbance In Wheel Alignment?

While regular tire use, especially over thousands of kilometers, has an impact on wheel alignment, potholes on roads are the primary cause of wheel alignment disruption.

The Indian roads, especially in the rural areas, have many potholes. When a vehicle hits such a pothole at high speed, the alignment gets disturbed.

This might not be noticeable immediately but you will start feeling the difference soon afterwards.

Final Verdict

All the above-mentioned problems can be avoided simply by getting your car’s wheels properly aligned.

This will not just save you from expensive repairs but also from putting your own, as well as the life of others on roads, at risk.

So, get your tires aligned today. Stay safe and keep others safe as well.

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