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Car Rubber to become standardized soon in India

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

The Indian government is all set to implement new standards for tyres sold in the country. This move will also make sure only genuine and safe tyres are sold in India and all the cheap imports would eventually disappear from the market. The new standards for tyres will come into effect from October 2022.

The MoRTH has issued a notification stating the standard of Tyres for passenger cars (C1), Light truck (C2), Trucks and buses (C3) viz-a-viz rolling resistance, wet grip and rolling sound emission. These standards will come into effect from October

As per the MoRTH notification, All existing tyre design will have to comply with wet grip and rolling resistance standard from april’23 and less rolling noise standard from june’23.The tyres will have to meet wet grip requirements and stage two limits of rolling resistance and rolling sound emissions as specified in Automotive Industry standard(AIS).

Once this regulation is implied, India will be aligned with the United nations economic commission for Europe regulation.

The rolling resistance of tyres has an impact on fuel efficiency; wet grip performance influences braking performance of tyres under wet conditions and promotes vehicular safety.

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