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How to Maintain your car Tyres?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

A car whose parts are taken care of properly gives better performance and also it ensures that It won’t break down causing any problem in the middle of the road.

Tyres are a very important component in cars as they connect units to the road. If care tyres are properly taken care of, It will have following benefits-

  • Safety & Security- If car tyres are in poor condition, there is a chance that it may burst in the middle of the road which may cause an accident. Properly Maintained tyres increases safety & security.

  • Lengthen the tyre Life- Tyre maintenance such as tyre rotation, Wheel alignment & balancing, Proper inflation pressure increases tread life of tyre

  • Save money- If tyres are properly maintained, it will move more efficiently. By maintaining car tyres you can save money as you won’t require to change car tyres frequently in the lifespan of a car.

  • Low fuel cost - Properly maintained tyres increase car mileage and efficient performance.

What if car tyres are not properly maintained?

If car tyres are not properly maintained, It may have following problems-

● Car mileage will decrease.

● Car Performance will slow down.

● Increases risk of blowout.

● Affect steering and breaking.

● Poor vehicle handling on the road.

How to Maintain your car tyres?

Tyres are an essential component of a car. Without it you can’t even travel. The tyres are exposed more than the other parts of the car as it comes into contact with the road, which needs proper maintenance. Generally, the maintenance is done to maximize the lifespan of the tyre.

Tyres, despite being such an important component, are most underrated. It’s not properly maintained by car users because they are unaware of the importance & benefit of maintaining tyres.

Car tyres can be maintained by following ways-

Properly inflated Tyres- Tyres neither be over nor underinflated as they both have negative impact on lifespan of tyres. Properly inflated tyres gives you the best tyre performance, safety and fuel economy An user may frequently get its car tyres checked (at least once in a month.) to reduce the problem of over or under inflated tyres.

Wheel Alignment & Wheel Balancing - It is important to undertake regular aligning and balancing of your wheels. If Tyres are not aligned & Balanced Properly they Wear & Tear out quickly. Properly Aligned and balanced tyres prevent faster aging of suspension component

A car that pulls towards the left or right or has vibrations in the steering wheel at certain speeds needs an alignment and balancing job at the earliest.

So, to avoid these problems it is advisable to get wheel alignment and balancing timely

Inspect the Tyres Treds regularly- Often tires need to be replaced more quickly due to tread wear. When you get the tires inspected regularly, you can detect the wear trends before any damage is caused to the tires. This also enables you to identify bad wear patterns, and get them repaired immediately.

Rotate The Tyres Regularly- In addition to getting the alignment of tires inspected regularly, you need to rotate the tires on a regular basis. You could have a tire rotation schedule to prevent tread wear and make the tires last longer.

Gentle Driving- Driving gently not only boosts your car's fuel efficiency but also leads to lower wear and tear of the tyres. Malpractices, like that of hard braking and acceleration, and aggressive cornering can lead to increased degradation of the tyres.

Avoid Rough Terrains- Last but definitely not the least, The tyres can be maintained & life expectancy of tires can be enhanced by driving and parking the car carefully. Avoid rough terrains, as even a simple pothole can damage the tires drastically. Likewise, park the car carefully to prevent your tires from scraping against the curb.

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