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How Can Tyres Life be Improved?

What is Life Of Tyres?

Tyre Life in Years- 5 Years

Tyre Life in Km.- 50000 Km

If the tyres haven't been replaced 5 years after their date of manufacture, as a precaution, It is Recommended to Replace them with new tyres, Even if they appear to be in a usable condition and have not been worn down to the tread wear indicator. This applies to spare tyres as well.

Factors That Affect Tyres Life-

The temperature of the place where the car is and its other climatic factors like wind speed, level of heat, pollution, period of fitment, geographical region etc. All impact the efficiency of the tyre and its lifespan.

There Are few Factors that Affect the tyre life-

5 Key Factors That Affect The Tyre Life-

  1. Tyre Pressure

  2. Wheel Alignment

  3. Wheel Balancing

  4. Tyre Tread Wear

  5. Overloading and High-Speeding

Apart from these, There are few more factors which affect the tyre life-

  • Tyre matching

  • Rotation Policy and scheduled Changes

  • Repair Procedures.

  • Under Inflation and over Inflation Of Tyre.

How can Tyres Life be Improved-

Regardless of the power that your car's engine delivers, it's the tyres that are among the most vital of all its components.

Unfortunately, however, a car's tyre, in spite of playing a crucial role in the vehicle's performance and safety, remains largely neglected by most buyers.

Generally, the car tyres come into focus when it's time to replace them with a new set, but there are several ways to increase their lives, thereby resulting in better performance and lower expenditure.

Effective Methods to increase car Tyre Life

  1. Tyre Pressure- Both Under and over inflated pressure in tyres are bad for its performance and Life. Under Inflated Tyres tend to wear Out more Quickly and it decreases the fuel efficiency.

Over Inflation of Tyres also leads to faster Wear & Tear, therefore reduces Its Life.

So it is advisable to Maintain the perfect Tyre Pressure.

2. Wheel Alignment & Balancing- If Tyres are not aligned & Balanced Properly they Wear & Tear out quickly.

Properly Aligned and balanced tyres prevent faster aging of suspension


A car that pulls towards the left or right or has vibrations in the steering wheel at speeds needs an alignment and balancing job at the earliest.

3. Inspect the Tyres Treds regularly- Often tires need to be replaced more quickly due to tread wear. When you get the tires inspected regularly, you can detect the wear trends before any damage is caused to the tires. This also enables you to identify bad wear patterns, and get them repaired immediately.

4. Rotate The Tyres Regularly- In addition to getting the alignment of tires inspected regularly, you need to rotate the tires on a regular basis. You could have a tire rotation schedule to prevent tread wear and make the tires last longer.

5. Gentle Driving- Driving gently not only boosts your car's fuel efficiency but also leads to lower wear and tear of the tyres. Malpractices, like that of hard braking and acceleration, and aggressive cornering can lead to increased degradation of the tyres.

6. Avoid Rough Terrains- Last but definitely not the least, The life expectancy of tires can be enhanced by driving and parking the car carefully. Avoid rough terrains, as even a simple pothole can damage the tires drastically. Likewise, park the car carefully to prevent your tires from scraping against the curb.

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